Is It Really 2016?

 Look at my beautiful family and how they have grown!  I cannot believe it is the year 2016 and I have been blogging since 2007.  My fall wedding season has become very busy along with the rush of family pictures for Christmas cards that I am finding it harder and harder to blog.  I still want to share with you several of my weddings from the last few months of 2015, so I will be blogging them periodically.  Now back to my family!!  Miguel and Kariann were home for New Years so we all took in Star Wars together, along with hiking and eating, it was a great visit.  Morgan is still on break from school, but will start back up at GCC in about two weeks.  William is having a tough time getting back into the swing of things (getting up early for shcool), he is killing 7th grade!  As for me and Brian, just working hard!!  This year I want to declutter my life (house) and continue to be fit.  God continues to bless me in so many ways!  I was reading what I wrote on my blog for the new year in 2010 and I still feel the same as I did then about my life.  

This is what I wrote:
So it is now officially the year 2010! I am a few days late on this post for it has been crazy around here. I wanted to make a post of thanks on my blog. I feel so very fortunate to have such a meaningful job. Couples, family's and friends allow me to be a part of their magical moments time and time again. Weddings, family pictures, maternity, new Born's, etc.... I am so blessed. I make a living with my camera doing what I love, making time stand still. Do you know how many times I hear from someone "I wanted to be a photographer". It is possible you know, to make it your job. I did! I am looking forward to the year ahead and want to say THANK YOU to all my past bride's and groom's and family's and I look forward to all my new couples that I will have the pleasure to work with. I understand how lucky I am to be spending such joyous occasion's with people and promise to continue to give you all my best!


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