Mike and Emma's Engagement Shoot at Foxboro Ranch Estates

 Where do I start because there is so much I want to say!  First I will start by saying how much I adore Emma and am soooo excited that Mike asked her to marry him and I have the honor of photographing their wedding in August.  Second, thank you Mike and Emma for wanting to do your engagement shoot in the snow!! Third, I'm so happy there was snow, ha!!  This engagement shoot was so much fun!  I met with Mike and Emma at Foxboro Ranch in Munds Park, this is where they will be getting married.  I've always wanted to do a shoot in the snow but for the past few years the snow has not been sticking around much in the Flagstaff area.  This winter we have had so much snow fall and boy does it look beautiful.  Mike and Emma's engagement shoot was everything I was hoping for and more. They are such a fun, sweet, beautiful couple.  Let me share with you how this lovely couple met.
Mike and Emma originally met in high school but we never really talked or dated because he had a crush on her best friend at the time! Then a year after Emma graduated from high school (two years after Mike graduated) they reconnected on Facebook. Mike and Emma started talking more throughout January 2011, but never actually went out. Then on February 9th, 2011 Mike asked Emma to go on a hike with him, and when they got to the top of the mountain there was a spongebob stuffed animal nailed to the ground holding a sign that said "Emma, will you be my valentine?" And the rest is history! Almost five years later, they haven't been apart sense. 


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