Cabo Mexico!

Most of you know that I was invited to shoot a wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Brian was able to take a few days and go with me, so we went a couple days before the wedding to relax. Here are some pictures of the hotel we stayed at, along with the area around it and a link to a slide show of the wedding. We had a such a great time. Willy and Ashley were so wonderful along with their family and friends. I loved the hotel we were at, it was very beautiful! Thank you Willy and Ashley for taking us with you. I had such a great time shooting your wedding. It went so smooth. Ashley's dad owns the restaurant where the reception was held "Tommy's Barefoot Cantina". We loved the atmosphere....


I love the images Mary! You captured the essence of Mexico!

Ana ;)
Anonymous said…
I really like the one with Brian and the two glasses :)

Tracy said…
Brian looks so at home at the table there--
great shots of Brian!

Love the Cabo shots-- they look like travel advertising material!

Tracy said…
I can honestly say (after watching the Cabo wedding slideshow) that I couldn't have done any better than you did at the wedding. The wedding photos are perfection!

(Photographic Passion)

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