Phillip and Laurel

After 17 years of shooting weddings I find that two things remain, shooting weddings is still exciting and you still run into that extra special couple! Phillip and Laurel are that couple. When it was time to say goodbye to them I found myself getting emotional.

This is what I observed when shooting Phillip and Laurel's engagement pictures and during the wedding. The way Phillip would look at Laurel, like there was no one else in the room. The way Laurel's eyes lit up if someone mentioned Phillips name. How excited Laurel was when she realized that when leaving the church she would get to ride in the same car as Phillip. The best part is their amazing faith in God! It is clearly evident when you are with them. When I left their wedding I was truly inspired by them..

Thank you Phillip and Laurel for such a beautiful experience.

P.S. My son William didn't want to leave the hotel in Kingman. He had a great day with daddy!!


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i·dol [ Id'l ] (plural i·dols)



1. object of adoration: somebody or something greatly admired or loved, often to excess

Your my IDOL Mary! Beautiful work! (As always)
Ana :)
scrapgirl said…
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding. You were right. I don't know that I have ever seen anyone more in love than Laurel. Phillip is one lucky man. I'm sure they will be happy forever.

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