Fabulous Engagement Session with Angella and Mario at Saguaro Lake

 Don't you just hate it when a super cute couple say's Mary we would like to take our engagement pictures at Saguaro Lake and possibly bring our bikes, oh and my parents have a boat so they can take us to different locations along the water.  NOT!  Thank you so much Angella and Mario for such a great idea on location for your engagement pictures.  It was so much fun cruising the lake with you and your parents while looking for great locations for pictures.  I think you will be very happy with the end result and the wide variety of pictures we captured. Angella and Mario I'm so looking forward to your wedding day!!

 I have to share this with you.  While I was working on Angella and Mario's images my son was in the office talking to me.  When I started working on this series of images with the trees he said "those trees are cool and creepy at the same time".  I got so excited because that is exactly what I said when we stumbled upon these trees, cool and creepy.


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