Lovely Engagement Shoot in the Joshua Trees

 When you get to go back to the Joshua Tree's for an engagement shoot, WIN!  This lovely couple from Boston, Christina and Tyler were here in Arizona for the very first time on vacation and decided it would be good place to have their engagement pictures done.  Christina contacted me through the knot wanting information on engagement pictures and locations.  I emailed her some links of some of my favorite spots in AZ and Joshua Trees won.  Of course it would, they offer such a unique feel.  On the day of the shoot Christina mentioned that her and Tyler rented a convertible and thought it would be fun to incorporate the car in some of the pictures.  This photo shoot got a little more exciting, I LOVE my job.  I felt honored to share such a beautiful part of my state with Christina and Tyler along with being the one to photograph their engagement pictures.  Honesty this couple is so beautiful you might think this was a modeling shoot for a magazine. 
 I asked Christina if she could share their story with me in her words:
I had just graduated law school in May 2016 and decided to take a girls trip to Montreal to celebrate. Tyler was there the same weekend, visiting Montreal for a bachelor party. We met on the first night of both of our trips and were practically inseparable for the entire weekend. His friends kept teasing him for “falling in love at a bachelor party”. After the trip ended, we kept in touch over the next couple of months while I was studying for the bar exam. The texting turned into daily phone calls, sometimes lasting for hours and we knew this was a different kind of connection that we both wanted to see through. After my exam, we made plans to meet up in Toronto, and from that point on our long distance relationship started, and we were traveling every weekend between NYC, where I was living, and London ON, where Tyler was living, to see each other. After about 8 months of long distance, Tyler moved to NYC and transferred to his company’s NYC office to be with me. We spent the year in NYC before getting engaged, in May 2018, and moved together to Boston to be closer to my family shortly thereafter. We were happy to end the long distance but realized we both love to travel. Now we make a point to travel together whenever we can, and Phoenix was our most recent destination!



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